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Home buyers instinctively understand that nothing grows and holds value like the long-term safety of quality real estate.

Here you can begin your transition… Escape and balance, peace, tranquility, mental and physical relaxation. Fully furnished, luxury real estateLifestyle real estate for every circumstance.

Begin your search for quality real estate in Miami / South Florida.  And/or dive in below, and explore the region’s under construction and new development opportunities.  To schedule a visit or learn more about any project or property, don’t hesitate to reach out by email, WhatsApp or an ‘old school’ phone call: (305) 990-1678.

J. Michael Glovsky works with discerning global clientele to list, market, SELL and BUY quality real estate.

From Miami / South FLORIDA to COLORADO statewide (and also licensed in NEW YORK), Michael works with the BARNES International Realty network, and as an independent Colorado broker / owner, to bring your real estate project(s) HOME.